Our mission at ZeroPlasticSG is broken into three pillars. Primarily, we want to educate ourselves more about how to be more environmentally conscious and thus sustainable for future generations. As we learn more we want to share our new knowledge with the community through educational posts. Our last category has to do with TAKING ACTION whether it be through Reusable Bag drives in our community, collaborating with local businesses to make them more eco friendly, or organising beach clean ups we want to be there and make tangible change.

What we do?

These are some of the past projects that we have tried to implement in our community in the past.

  • Organised a community reusable bag drive including cloth bags, IKEA bags and many more and redistributed this
  • Held webinars during lockdown period to educate the community more and increase participation and voice
  • Had interviews with individuals in the Green Community
  • Outreach project where we collaborated with BBPB Singapore to reach out to businesses
  • Our newest project concerning reaching out to members in the hawker / school canteen community and placing stickers to show their allegiance to our cause

Who are we?

We are a group of high school students who are strongly involved in making the environment a better place to live in. We want to learn from others, empathise, and craft meaningful sustainable solutions that can eventually have a domino impact in others’ lives.

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